Il nostro obbiettivo è la qualità
Il nostro obbiettivo è la qualità
Il nostro obbiettivo è la qualità
Il nostro obbiettivo è la qualità
Il nostro obbiettivo è la qualità



Macelleria Toresan srl was founded in 1954 by the entrepreneurial idea of Bepi, grandfather of the current owners.

Those were the post-war years and the desire to rebuild and restart was great.

Bepi carried on the business together with his sons: Marcello, Angelo and Mario, who in turn left the legacy to the third generation: Roberto and Cristina, Marcello’s children,still the reference in the company.

In almost 70 years of work, attention to customer needs has always been the predominant goal of Toresan.

- The Mark -

Our historic Toresan mark was created in the early 1900s to brand raw hams.

The round shape is filled with Toresan’s tower and surmounted by two domes refer to the excellence aimed at ecclesiastical prelates.

To this day we have kept the distinctive element because it encapsulates the three fundamental values on which Toresan rests: product quality and excellence, craftsmanship and Veneto tradition.


- TORESAN's Selection -

In order to best satisfy the final consumer, the work is taken care of at all stages: from the production process to the selection of animals in selected farms, from the slaughterhouse to the selection of pieces for processing, and from curing to sale.

Macelleria Toresan’s historicity and level of integration with the territory allowed it to be recognized as a historic place of commerce by the Veneto Region in 2015.

As a matter of ethics,  Macelleria Toresan- Historic Butcher Shop has always favored the choice of Italian meat from farms that guarantee welfare and respect for the supply chain. To this end, only “Piemontese” beef certified by the Consortium for the Protection of the “Piemontese” Breed CO.AL.VI. is processed, and the choice to use Italian pork from “heavy” pigs is favored.

In 2020, with CE recognition as an “Establishment for the production of animals of animal origin,” Macelleria Torresan gained a new awareness, respect for the needs and demands of the consumer. Today, in order to reach a wider audience, lovers of taste, authenticity and artisanal production, Macelleria Toresan srl is present in the large-scale retail trade.